Thursday, February 2, 2017

My answer to the reality of ignorance…

 I am fairly certain since 9/11 we have been monitoring and vetting quite regularly. We also have a no fly list and we have frozen many assets of suspected terrorists and terrorist groups and organizations linked to terrorism or the sponsoring of said groups. And again, we have radical groups already in this country that are homegrown and that put some hate on quite well. As for any building plans for the wall...Trumps whole persona is a man of action and that he walks the walk vs talking the talk, so I am fairly confident, short of seeing any blueprints, that he actually means to build a wall. Also, I am not very familiar with Mexico's illegal immigration laws, but I am pretty confident when an illegal entering America does get stopped at the border they aren't offering them Link cards, food stamps, or shelter. As far assimilation, I agree. When in Rome do as the Romans, but definitely keep cultural roots, because that in the end is what has made America great right? Inclusion not exclusion right? We should be judged by our understanding of humanity and our acceptance not by our suspicion and intolerance. Benjamin Franklin said: he who would trade liberty for some temporary security deserves neither liberty nor security. I really like old Franklin, good thinker there. Always good food for thought. Remember that those that seek power and seek to yield it to their own purpose will always pray on the fears of those to whom they are meant to serve. Take head that those same impulses that drive our suspicions and fears now could just as easily be used to ban any immigrant from any country for any reason...crazier shit has happened in history. Ok I am done for the night. Goodnight.

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